1. Introduction

The electronic collection of project ideas “Top projects” was released following the results of the first regional competition of the same name. Its participants were civil servants who completed retraining courses at the Kostanay Branch of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

According to the rules of the Academy, the output form of Course control is the development and protection by students of projects developed in a group of like-minded people. An important condition is the practical and client-oriented nature of these projects. In each group, the examination committee determined the best projects, which were invited to participate in the competition of project ideas “Top projects”. The video presentation of the projects was posted on the Internet resources of the Academy Branch and the audience’s interest in the project topics, the number of views and reviews were taken into account when determining the winners. 

In this collection we have posted video materials of projects recognized as the best. Taking into account the relevance of the introduction of project management technology into the public administration system at the present stage of its development, we offer the best video materials of project ideas and express the hope that they will be relevant for multiplication. 

The electronic collection of project ideas “Top projects” is intended for government agencies, program implementation offices, project offices and other interested stakeholders. 

We will also be glad to receive feedback on how interesting and significant these materials are for government agencies and project offices. For feedback, you can go to the last video page of the collection.


2. Video reviews of projects that took part in the contest “The best project work of a listener – 2020”:


3. Information about the winners of the contest “The best project work of the listener – 2020”